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Report of the president

November 13, 2019
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It is one year since have been elected as the president of our timber-raftsmen association. I knew that it will be hard job butI did not expect that it will be so difficult.

Just on the beginning I would like to say why it is so difficult. The main obstacle is the comunication with the individual association. If I send you for example the plan of activities for comments I receive answer from two associations. If we send you the questionaire to fill in the actual data of your association we have got after several month 11 answers from 37 associations.

The same happened when we have asked you to send us some photos and videos for our website galerie. We have got contributions again from 11 associations.

On the last GA when aou were electing me you have promissed me your help. I have to say unfortunatelly with some expetions I do not feel it better said we do not feel it.

I have to say this just on the beginning of my report because if we want to go forward the comunication has to improve considerably and I would like to get today here your assurance that you will start to comunicate with the board. Please be so kind and do it. It does not matter in which language you will comunicate today is no probleme to have the translation next day.


Before I start with the details of my report I would like to put on programme the point number 6. reelection of the actual board and the aditional elections to complete the board. The reelection of the actual board is needed because the registration of the board at catalan ministry has wxpired 18.6.2019 and can be renovated only if the GA confirms the actual board. We need the valid registration, because we have decided to change the catan bank for the czech bank and they need for opening of the account the valid registration. Last year after the elections of the new board of our association I have asked Laia Porta and Jean Seinturirer to join us as experts of the board. Laia was doing the whole year the agenda of the secretary and is for the board very usefull and also has all the documentation of our association. Jean Seinturir came late for the last GA and has declared the interest to continue in the board. I and the actual board we propose to the GA to elect Laia Porta and Jean Seinturier as the members of our board. I woul like to inform you also that the board has appointed Mr. Frank Thiel as the consultant of the board which will concentrate his activities first of all on the nomination for Unesco.

To vote:

GA confirms the actual members of the IATR board in their positions:

Jaroslav Camplík president, Bernd Kramer I. vicepresident, Miquel Gordó II. vicepresident, Jiří Malý assesor, Zlatko Jesenik assesor, Andrea Losso assesor, Hynek Hladík auditor, Philippe Brochept auditor

GA elect Laia Porta as secretary and Jean Seturier as assesor of the board of IATR.

All confirmed members and new elected members of the IATR board has been elected for the period of next 2 years since now.


I will now concentrate on the things which we have done.


Status changes – we have sent you the proposal for some changes of our status which we think is necessary to do. We are waiting for your comments on the GA we will vote and aprove the final version of changes.

This point is for vote.


Website + list of associations – as you could see we have changed the website which is now more actual, you can see more informations, some photos and videos and also the data of our associations are more precise. We will continue in the improvement and actualization but as I have mentioned we need your cooperation. You have got today on the GA the questionaire which I expect you will fill in quickly and send it back to me and Laia. I also expect photos and videos from the associations which did not send us some up to now.

This point is for information

History of IATR – the board on has on the meeting 25.5.2019 in Davle agreed that the date when the corner stone of our association has been placed is 18.11.1989 in Barcelona. It means that we celebrate this year 30 years of our association, which has been then officially founded 1.9.1991 on castle Porcia, Spitall, Austria. This is also confirmed in the status, which has been signed 1 year later 5.9.1992 in Venezia. We have prepared the leaflet on the occasion of the 30years from the moment when the founding stone has been laid. You have got the leaflets today.

This point is for information.

We have also agreed that the official name of our association is International Association of Timber-Raftsmen – IATR which will be used.

This point is for information


Book – you have got separate information about the book which is distributed here today. I am very pleased that after so many years the book is finally here. If we will get some money from the catalan goverment we can decide how we will continue.


Unesco – as separate material you have got the resolution about Unesco nomination which we should aprove here today. The german, austrian, Latvian, polish and our associations has started the proces of nomination. It would be good if also other associations could start the procedure of listing rafting on the national list of cultural heritage which could support our nomination on Unesco representative list. I think that if we will be successfull with the nominationg in Unesco it would be also very inportant for timber-rafting generally and it could help to get new members in our associations. The board has also agreed to produce on the occasion of this GA the 10 minutes film about rafting in Europe for Unesco and also at the same time 20 – 25 minutes film for IATR which will be at disposal to all our associations. The costs of the film will be 6500,- eur and will be paid 5000,- eur by the german, austrian, latvian, czech and polish associations and 1500,- eur by IATR.

This point is for voting for the resolution


Plan of activities for the next period 2019 – 2020 – you have got the plan for comments which has been respected.

This point is for information



Declaration of raftsmen village – we have got one request from Vltavan Praha – Czech Republic. You have seen the aplication and I can only recomend to give the titule of raftsmen village to the Vltavan Praha which is nearly 150 years old association, very active and I recomend to give the certificate in June 2021 at the ocation of 150 years aniversary.

This point is for voting









Date: November 13, 2019
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