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Plan of activities of IATR for period 2019

November 13, 2019
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Plan of activities of IATR for period 2019 – 2020

  1. UNESCO – The germam. austrian, latvian, polish and czech associations will continue preparing documentation for Unesco so that the aplication could be presented to Unesco

latest 31.3.2019


Resplonsability: president, F.Thiel, J.Kuhn, R.Pokora, M.Ribozola

Date: 31.3.2019


  1. Website of IATR – The board of IATR will continue in improvement of the website

Responsability: president, L.Porta, A.Losso

Date: during 2019 – 2020


  1. Status of IATR – register the changes of our Status approved by GA in Catalunya

Responsability: L-Porta

Date: latest November 2019


  1. Presentation -organize in some european country /Belgium, Germany, Austria etc./, the presentation of our association togoether with the exhibition of the collection of our pictures and some rafting models and tools with the objective to promote our association and get some supporters and sponsors for our next activities. Czech Republic offers for such activities their cultural centres in different european countries and we will also try to organize the exhibition in EU parliament.

Responsability: president, A.Losso, F.Thiel

Date: June – September 2020


  1. Board meetings – president will call minimum 1 board meeting during the next period and 1 board meeting the day before next GA. The members of the board will use also the possibility of meetings on skype.

Responsability: president

Dates: when it will be necessary


  1. Participation fee on GA – fix the maximum fee for the participation on GA and find preferences for young people to participate on our meetings

Responsability: president, vicepresidents and treasurer

Date: 31.1.2020


  1. Next GA – prepare again the programme and materials for the next GA in advance and send it to all associations minimum 1 month before the GA,

Responsability: president, I. vicepresident and treasurer

Date: 10.6.2020


  1. Budget – treasurer and president will prepare for the next period the overview of the main incomes and expenditures

Responsability: president and treasurer

Date: 31.10.2019


  1. Brochure – start with the preparation of brochure which will be poblished on the occation of the 30 years anivesary of IATR in the year 2021

Responsability: president, treasurer, A.Losso

Date: 31.3.2020


Date: November 13, 2019
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