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Minutes of the GA of the Intarantional Association of Timber

November 13, 2019
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Minutes of the GA of the International Association of Timber-Raftsmen

In Berg in Drautal the 16.9.2019


Atending associations: see the enclosed list.


The GA has started at 9.15. President Jaroslav Camplík welcomed all the participants of the GA and has informed that 26 associations are present which means that the GA is able to make resolutions.


  1. President in his introduction speach mentioned very bad communication with the associations. In spite of the fact that all the associations have received all the materials for the GA more then 1 month before the GA president did not recieved not only one comment to his anual repot, to the plan of activities, to the changes of status and also not for other materriales which has been sent to the associations. President menttioned that he has been promissed to get support but he does not feel it. He has asked again for better communication in the future.


  1. Approval of the minutes from the GA in Codisago.

Presideent has asked if there are some comments to the minutes of GA in Codissago. There were no comments and the minutes from Codissago GA has been approved.


  1. President has asked before continuing the programme of GA to add to the programme one additional point „additional elections of board members and confirmation of the actual board“. This requirement has been approved.

The GA has confirmed following members of the board in their positions:

Jaroslav Camplík – president

Bernd Kramer – I. vicepresident

Miquel Gordó – II. vicepresident

Jiří Malý – assessor

Zlatko Jesenik – assesor

Andrea Losso –assessor

Hynek Hladík –auditor

Philippe Brochetp – auditor


For the conformation of actual members of the board has voted 23 association


As additional members of the board has been elelcted following members:

Frank Thiel – assessor

Laia Porta – general secretary

Jean Seninturier – assessor

Marcela Soldánová – assessor


All the new members of the board has been elected by 23 association.

The confirmed members of the board and the new member of the board has been elected for the period of next 2 years till the 30th of June 2021.


  1. Anual report.

President has mentiond only the most important things which has been done in the last period. He mentioned the improvment of the website, publishing of the leaflet reminding the 30 years from the layout of the fundation stone of IATR, commemorative bages for the same occasion, changes of statues and improvement of the evidency of our members


  1. Financial report.

Johann Kuhn has presented the financial report of the last period 2018 – 2019. There were no comments to the financial report.


  1. Auditors report.

Hynek Hladík has presented auditors report. There were no comments to the report. In the discussion there were again requirements to transfer the money to from Spain to Austria or Czech Republic. It is not possible to continue that the treasurer and the president do no have access to the account. President will arrange the transfer of money from Spain to Austria.

The auditors report has been approved with 16 votes


7. Changes of IATR status.

The proposal of changes of our status has been sent to all associations.

There were no comments to the changes and the proposed changes has been approved with 20 votes


8. History of IATR.

President has informed the GA that the board has on the meeting in Davle the 25.5.2019 decided that the date when the corner stone of our association has been placed is 18.11.1989 in Barcelona. Our association has been officially founded 1.9.1991 on castle Porcia, Spittal, Austria. This fact is confirmed in the status which has been signed 1 year later 5.9.1992 in Venezia. President has also informed that the correct name of our association is International Association of Timber-Raftsmen – IATR which we should officially use.

9. Book

President has informed that the book was not ready for printing as has

been said in Codissago. We had to make additional translation. Then the

printers informed that they are not able to print the book in proposed

size. We have accepted smaller size but the price offered was to high and

not acceptable. We are now trying to print the book somewhere else

/Czech Republic/ but the printers say that the quality of about 40 photos

is too low. Other problemme is that we did not get the the promissed

money from th catalan ministry of culture and we have to pay the book

from money of our association. We are trying to find some other

solution and other sponzors.


  1. Unesco


Frank Thiel has presented material about nomination to Unesco and has asked all countries which not yet started the process for nomination to do so. If the actual nomination of 5 countries will be successfull it will also support the later nomination of other countries which can join the nomination during the next five years.

As the guest of our GA Mrs. Aleksandra Brodowska from polish Ministry of Culture informed, that Poland will join Germany, Latvia, Austria and Czech Republic in the nomination to Unesco and that we will ask for the nomination all togoether. She has invited all delegations from interested countries to the conferenc the 24th of September in Ulanow to agree the next steps in preparation of the nomination and the preparation of the film.

After the presentation all the present associations have supported the resolution of Intarnational Association of Timber-Raftsmen about the nomination of timber rafting to the Unesco title „Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity“


11.Plan of activities

President has informed shortly about the plan of activities for the next period 2019 – 2020 which all associations have got. There were no comments to this plan.


12. Next GA in Finland

The association from Finland has presented the invitation for the next meeting of raftsmen associations in Lieksa 16.7. – 19.7.2


13. Next meetings

There were presented 2 proposals for meeting in 2021 one from Bosnia, Sarajevo and second from Czech Republic, Prague.

The mayority of associations 17 have voted for Sarajevo only 5 for Prague. It means that the meeting in 2021 will be in Sarajevo.

The associations Flosserstrasse e.V., Wolfratshausen, Germany has asked to organize the GA in 2022.


14. Miscellaneous

During the meeting there were lot of comments to the translation. Lot of associations have asked for the simultaneous translation. The answer of the board is that this is too expensive, last time in Italy 7.000,- eur. If some association wants to have the simultaneus translation it must be on their account and in all 11 languages. We cannot do translation only in 5 languages and to ignore the others. All the associations have the same rights.

The other solution is to have some technical solution for the translation. The board will check this possibility.












Date: November 13, 2019