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Minutes of the board meeting of IATR which took place in Dellach

November 13, 2019
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lMinutes of the board meeting of IATR which took place in Dellach, Austria the 15th of August, 2019

Present: J.Camplík, J. Kuhn, J.Malý. B.Kramer. Z. Jesenik, J. Seinturier, F.Thiel,

H. Hladík auditor

Apologized: M.Gordó, L.Porta, A.Losso

In the minutes will be used only the initials of individual persons.


  1. JC has informed that all things for GA are ready. He ihas informed that he has got no comments to the materials which has been sent to all associations 1 month before the GA. He said it is very difficult to do somethig if the communication does not work. JC will talk about this problemme on the GA.
  2. The board has decided that besides of the proposals of the persons which should get the commemorative badges we have got from the associations to give the badges to the following persons:

Angel Portet, Mathias Mederle, Martin Spreng, Thomas Kipp, Johann Kuhn, Zlatko Jesnik, Jean Seinturier, Hans – Walter Keweloh, Bernd Kramer

  1. Transfer of money from Spain to Austria.

The board said it is not possible to have the situatuation when the president and the treasurer have no access to the account of IATR in Spain. The board has ask JC to order to Laia and Miquel to tranfer the money to the account of IATR in Austria.

When the registration of the board will be renewed at the catalan ministry JC will arrange the openning of new account in Czech Republic which will be accessable not only for the actual president and treasur but also for the successors.

  1. JC has informed the board that we have new letter head with correct address and other data. JC has also informed that he had consultations with the language experts and they have recommended to use the following name of our association: International Association of Tmimber-Raftsmen – IATR.
  2. Unesco. JC and FT have informed about the actual situation with the nomination to Unesco. It was agreed that after the GA we will organize meeting with representatives of all 5 countries which are involved in the nomination and will will try to find the next steps.
  3. JC has informed that he will present at the GA the proposal to have the GA in 2021 in Prague and he has asked the board for support.

ZJ has remebered that on the last GA in Codissago there were discussion about the GA 2021 in Sarajevo, but the officaial letter from Fikert did not arrived. The mayority of the board voted for Prague in 2021.

  1. Book. JC has informed the board about the actual situation with the printing of the book. The litografie is now in Czech Republic and the czech experts say that about 40 photos are of very bad quality and will not be seen well after printing. It is also necessary to put the contribution of Czech Republic and Latvia to the same format which have all the other countries. The costs of the print of the book after all the necessary changes will be around 8500,- eur.

The board has decided that the book must be printed in high quality. The costs are high. We will try to find other printers and some new sponzors for the book.




Jaroslav Camplík – president




Date: November 13, 2019
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