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Plan of activities of IATR for years 2018 – 2019

January 1 - December 31
  1. Raftsmen book – president and his secretariat will ensure the translation and printing of the book including the aditional contributions.

Responsability: president + secretariat

Date: 15.2.2019

  1. UNESCO – german, austrian and czech associations will prepare the aplication for UNESCO.

Responsability:  Thiel, Kuhn, Camplík

Date: 31.1.2019

  1. Website of IATR – president and his secretariat will find somebody who will take care about our website, keep it actual and put new informations and changes on the website.

The associations will send the contributions and changes to the Secretary of IATR and the Secretary will ensure the presentation on our website.

Responsibility: Secretary of IATR

Date: 31.1.2019

  1. Status of IATR – we will not change the status with the exception of 1 paragraph. which will say that the decisions during the year can be done voteing by e-mail. President will prepare this change of status and will prepare also the internal regulation for the board and GA.

Responsability: President , I. vicepresident and treasurer

Date: 30.6.2019

  1. Budget – president and treasurer will prepare the budget of IATR for 2018 – 2019 which will be send for approval to the members of the board.

Responsibility: president + treasurer

Date: 31.1.2019

  1. Next GA – For the next GA, president will send the invitation latest 30 days before together with the material in writing for the points which will be on the programme. The materials should also contain proposal of budget and plan of activities for the next period 2019 – 2020.

Responsibility: president + I. vicepresidet and treasurer

Date: 30 days before the next GA

  1. Financial contribution by IATR to the organizers of next general assamblies for translation – president and treasure will prepare the proposal and send it to all board members for comments.

Responsibility: president + treasurer


The final proposal will be presented on the next GA for approval. We have to decide which languages we will make translations to.

  1. Board meetings – president will call as minimum 1 meeting of the board during the period 2018 – 2019 and 1 board meeting the day before the next GA

Responsibility: president

Date: when it will be necessary

  1. Prepare the proposal how to improve the propagation and better image of IATR

Responsibility: president, II.vicepresident  + Andrea Losso

Date: 28.2.2019

  1. To fix the maximum fee for the participation on GA and and prepare the proposal how to give preferences for young people to participate on our meetings and to enter our associations.

Responsibility: president + vicepresidents + treasurer

Date: 28.2.2019

Start: January 1
End: December 31
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